No maintenance? Really? How can that be?

The problem with most water filtration systems is the constant maintenance they require. But that’s not a problem for the Nature’s Miracle system. They’re designed to last longer than anything on the market today – because of the exclusive process we use:

  • One of the keys to a long productive life of a filtration system is ensuring the media gets ‘stirred’ up enough during the backwash process.
  • Our exclusive new Cyclonic CleanRinse Technology uses a distributor plate which covers the entire base of the tank. The water pushs up thru the plate creating a ‘cyclone’ type effect unlike anything else!
  • This new design is so powerful that it actually lifts the media up 60% higher creating better channels for the water to travel thru!
  • Uses less water during the Backwash: the Cyclonic CleanRinse Technology is so efficient – it actually uses 30% less water during the Backwash process!
  • You will get the same powerful filtering capability for 5 years guaranteed without any maintenance required!

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